coffee_croppedWhy this blog?
Because technical writing is really cool and not too well-known in Romania right now.
Because I don’t know of any other active technical writing blogs in Romanian.
Because it would be a shame for certain info stay visible just for people in my company.
Because I hope it makes a nice portfolio.

Why two languages?
The main target of the blog are Romanian technical writers, but I think some of the how-to topics would be useful for non-Romanians as well. Not all posts have or will have a translation. To get to the Romanian version, choose Română on the sidebar or click the flag in the header.

What is this blog?
Some personal opinions, occasional links, plus whatever new things I found in RoboHelp. Sometimes serious, sometimes not. Work is boring if you don’t like from time to time.
I don’t know everything and I am not expecting you to have an epiphany reading this blog, but if at least one person ends up working in this industry because of me, I will be happy. Feedback is more than encouraged – my direct experience is limited to two companies and I am always curious about what goes on in other places!

Who am I?
That’s not very important. For now, I will just say that I have been a technical writer for eight years and I am currently working in a multinational company in Bucharest, after previously spending three years in the editorial world.